Cordyline fruticose glauca

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Scientific Name: Cordyline Fruticosa Glauca
Synonyms: Hawaiian Ti Plant, Good Luck Plant and Ti Plant.

Structural Aesthetic
Emerald Green Foliage throughout the year
Ideal houseplant centerpiece
Plant level: Beginner
Comes in a 14cm Nursery pot.

These structurally beautiful plants add statement and year round appeal with their sword shaped deep green foliage, that grows in a lush cluster.

The Cordyline Glauca is a magnificent centerpiece for any space and is beautifully shapely, looking idyllic on its own or adding height to a group of houseplants. They thrive in bright indirect light but will adapt well to lower lighting conditions, adding interest to any dimly lit corner.

Caring for the Cordyline is simple and they do not require too much attention, perfect for the beginner plant parent or less attentive plant lover . As a tropical plant they do like warm moist air though will happily live in average room humidity. Keep the Cordyline evenly moist and water once it has become dry to the touch.

Pair with a striking planter as a table top centerpiece or floor level beauty to draw the eye. A highly rewarding plant.

Please note: Cordyline are toxic to pets and humans.


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