Lucky Bamboo – Single Plant Rate

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A Lucky Bamboo Plant is truly comprised of the cut stalks of a Dracaena Sanderiana plant. These Lucky Bamboo Plant stalks are as a rule between 4″-24″in tallness. Supporters of Feng Shui trust that Lucky Bamboo Plants convey thriving and favorable luck to a home or business. In the event that a Lucky Bamboo Plant course of action has three stalks it brings satisfaction, five stalks bring riches, and six stalks bring well-being. In the event that you purchase the Lucky Bamboo Plant stalks free and not planted, make certain to keep them in water until you have for all time put them in a vase or embellishing compartment. On the off chance that you buy different Dracaena sanderiana Plant stems that are entwined, don’t expel the ties, this balances out the plant. Fortunate Bamboo Plants require almost no care and develop basically anyplace the length of you keep the water spotless and substance free. Lucky Bamboo truly is an attractive, easy-care houseplant. Give it a place of honor on a tabletop, shelf or mantel to best appreciate the beauty of its simple form.


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